Thank you for your interest in employment with The Hip Hop Publicist. We seek highly motivated candidates with experience in the entertainment industry and are looking to work in a fast-paced environment. The ideal candidate is articulate, motivated, professional and able to work hard to achieve good results. Candidates must be extremely detail-oriented, computer literate, organized and possess a high level of initiative.

The Hip Hop Publicist is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate in employment decisions based on race, color, religion, political affiliation, marital status, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation or any other similar discriminatory basis.

For consideration please email your resume, cover letter, writing samples, press clippings and 3 letters of reference to

Available Positions

Publicity Assistant – New York, NY

About the position:

A Hip-Hop publicist is a public relations and communications specialist that focuses on cultivating and maintaining the image of a music artist by working alongside music professionals such as a journalist, editors, bloggers, program directors, DJ’s, promoters, and event curators. Our publicists should have well developed and established relationships within the Hip-Hop industry to be considered for this position.

Each candidate should also possess strong public and media relations training and strong communication skills, as well as knowledge of the Internet and other new media formats, through bachelor’s or master’s degree programs in public relations, communication, marketing, business, journalism, advertising, or another related field.

Hip-Hop publicists will also create press releases and speeches for press conferences, interviews, and other important events. A good publicist never clocks out. You are expected to be available at any hour and at a moment’s notice.

Your Rolodex and your phone (or phones) are your lifeline in publicity. Our publicist must also be a great problem-solver, organized, and extremely knowledgeable about both Hip-Hop and publication/media industries. Creativity, resourcefulness and excellent communication skills are essential.

You must also consider the importance and necessity of career opportunities for each client, such as working with charities and non-profit organizations, going on tour, promotional appearances, or interviews. As one of the lead marketing professionals for an artist’s projects, we often help promote tours, albums, and campaigns for these opportunities to increase exposure and generate sales.

A publicist with The Hip Hop PR Firm oversees the public image and manages all media relations of our clients. We also typically coordinate publicity events and make sure the client knows where to go and what to do. Other responsibilities include writing press releases, releasing statements, escorting clients on red carpets and attending press junkets. They field questions and act as a liaison between the client, journalists, and the general public. Our publicists may also generate our own publicity by pitching story ideas to magazines, radio shows and newspapers about our clients. If the client does something that can be perceived negatively, it is up to us conduct damage control.

Publicist Job Description and Duties

• Meet clients to determine their need for media presence

• Provide clients with information on how to handle media presence and the baggage that comes with it

• Create and implement publicity plans to ensure appropriate coverage in the media

• Plan and execute strategies to overtake potential competition in the area

• Develop creative pitches and targeted outreach lists

• Schedule clients’ appearances at events, photo shoots, and interviews

• Guide clients about what may appear as positive or negative when in public eye

• Develop and implement creative ways of keeping client in the news

• Identify appropriate markets for each individual client and ensure that pitches are disseminated in an effective manner

• Write press releases and assist in creating and procuring press kits and articles

• Make editorial calendars and media lists for the purpose of handling publicity campaigns

• Ensure that clients’ information and image is rampant on social media

• Create and maintain positive relationships with key members of the media

• Research necessary communication avenues to ensure clients’ publicity objectives are met

• Ensure that all media copy is proofread and vetted before it is released

• Ensure partnership integration by handling execution of event details in an appropriate manner


Hip-Hop Blogger & PR Research  (Internship) – New York, NY

About the position:

A person applying for this internship position should be well-informed of the music industry as well as entertainment-based news updates on a national scale. All candidates are eligible to receive college credit through accredited colleges and universities. You will be responsible for multiple daily blog posts that pertain to specific subjects or topics within the Hip-Hop industry, entertainment interviews, and red carpet press opportunities.

Daily responsibilities include content creation, strategy, brand awareness development, and inbound traffic and lead generation. The perfect candidate will love the news business and have experience in public relations, marketing, and design. Your primary role will be to research social media profiles to reach potential clients for marketing services as well as searching each region of the United States for Hip-Hop related media outlets.


  • Internships are unpaid and are minimum 6 months.
  • You must possess excellent communication skills: written and verbal.
  • You will need to be a self-starter who works well under the direction of supervision.
  • You must be very well organized.
  • Internships require a specific amount of time researching, phone calls, emailing and blogging. You must be accessible a minimum of 2 days per week. You are expected to clock in each day you are scheduled.
  • You need to be a confident, team player who’s not easily intimidated.
  • Must be willing and able to do an extensive amount of client and media related research